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feel5_vsbk.JPG (30556 bytes)FEEL
FEEL is a band which is form in 1996. November of 1995, IPPEI form FEEL in Tokyo. During the Summer of 1996, TAIZO became the member of FEEL. Their debut single " GLOWING " release in 1997. And their 2nd single ' Four Seasons and 3rd single" I believe in Love"  were released in3.18 and 5.20 respectively.. FEEL's member are IPPEI with black hair( vocal ) and TAIZO with red hair ( guitar ). They are born in ºµ¥».Their age are very young. As I watch their performance on the stage from some of the televison programmes...I found that they are quite good although their music are not excellent.

here is a real audio of their 3rd single " I Believe In Love " Try this out.

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