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tour -  PSYENCE A GO GOhide (1964~1998 ) -
our beloved...

real name: hideto matsumoto
death: 1998.5.2

hide, who is the former guitarist of X JAPAN died on 5.2 last year. All the fans of hide miss him so much.  It's already 1999, a year after hide's death. So, I would like to have a special on hide this time.


-photo gallery
-real audios

rocket dive listen | download
ever free listen | download
pink spider listen | download


CAUSEWAY BAYIn order to show our love to hide, on 1999.5.2, some of my friends  and I have booked a board for advertisement in Hong Kong - Causeway Bay's Gloden Plaza in order to post a message there to hide.

here is a photo taken by A. in Causeway Bay.
I am sorry that the message is in chinese.
The meaning of the message in English...
Dear hide:
miss you forever !!
  From: Hong Kong hide fans.