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Special on LUNA SEA

Last modified: 1999.1.21

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Live ticket

lunasea_hk8.jpg (12040 bytes)lunasea_airport.jpg (11376 bytes)10.11.1999

LUNA SEA have arrived at the Hong Kong Airport at about 1.30p.m. Less than 10 slaves arrived at the airport to meet LUNA SEA. ( But the airport  is far away from the urban area and most of the slaves are having exams during these days. ) There is 5 security guards to protect LUNA SEA through the way to the hotel. They arrived at the hotel about 2.10p.m. They entered the hotel by the door next to the carpark. Here is a photo of the entrance.

EntranceHere is some other photos of the press conference.
    Ryuichi, Inoran and Sugizo
    J recieving awards
    Luna Sea

Hotel11.1.1999lunasea_hk10.jpg (10380 bytes)

there is press conference of LUNA SEA with all the reporters in Hong Kong in Renaissance Harbor View Hotel. Here is a list of photos of LUNA SEA's press conference.During the press conference, they have recieved awards from their company. LUNA SEA are happy that their singlle " I FOR U " is very popular among the asian countries. They said that they became popular through these year, so many reporters / fans always follow them. They said that hope that the public should pay more attention to their music more than their live styles. They are glad to have their live in HKCEC because this is the place where the celemony of HK returned to CHINA held. And they hope that they will have time to try the chinese food. They stated that the word " VISUAL ROCK " doesn't mean anything, it is just a name use by the media. SUGIZO is not feeling well after the press conference.

lunasea_press4.jpg (11440 bytes)Here is a list of Hong Kong News paper. ( include Apple Daily and South China Morning Post )

The Coming Of LUNA SEA ( Appple Daily )
Arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport ( Apple Daily )
Press Conference ( SCMP )
Press Conference ( Apple Daily )
YMC ( Apple Daily )

Here is the news report about LUNA SEA asian tour writen by the reporter of South China Morning Post. You can also see this news above. The SCPM's one.

Press ConferenceThe Huge sucess of LUNA SEA is something of a paradox. This five-member rock outfit from metropolitan Tokyo does not chuck out catchy tunes, the prerequisite for making it to the top of the cut-throat Japansese pop charts.
Yet, since the band came into being a decade ago, they have managed to sell 7.2 million albums, amass five Number One singles, and sell out stadium concerts time and again.
The magic? Some call it " VISUAL ROCK ".
Coined by Japanese music critics, this novel terminology conjures up the image of spiky-haired rockers with make-up and costumes so dramatic their own mothers would have a hard time recognising them.
We are talking about something even more farout than the 1980s glamour rockers Kiss.
" People associated us with ' VISUAL ROCK ', as we started out at the time the term was first made up ", said vocalist Ryuichi ( all of them are known by their first names ).
" It has a lot to do with ther way we used to dress and our make-up, and it was a rather crucial element of our music. "
Decked out entirely in black and topped off with brightly-coloured hair and Press Conferencepainted fingernails, these Japanese lads strum guitars, beat drums and have produced best-selling singles that smashed the boredom of the teeny-pop-idol " factory " music scene.
But little by little, the make-up and costumes extravantance faded out. Drummer SHINYA explained: " In producing the new album [SHINE], it occurred to us that we should put more effort into the music instead of working at the image. "
Perhaps the pressure of their first tour in this relatively conservative part of the world - they are visiting Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai - forced the group to tone down their former outrageous, if not horrendous, image.
On the second leg of the tour, the five rockers flexed their rock muscle in a sold-out concert in the new extension of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre last night.
With or without the visual rock frills, the pretty-boy rockers managed to seduce even Hong Kong teenagers, pampered by genarations of Canto-pop.
These new recruits snatched up all of the 3,400 tickets of their first live Hong Kong concert  in just 3 hours.
lunasea_hk9.jpg (14415 bytes)" I'm delighted and honoured to be able to play here and especially in the hall where the handover ceremony was held ", said pink-haired guitarist SUGIZO.
" That added a special element to our first show here. "
It has been a long road since bassist J and rhythm guitarist INORAN pledged to continue their high-school music stint professionally, after theri original amateur group LUNACY disbanded in the late 1980s.
To build up a solid line-up, the duo lured lead guitarist SUGIZO and drummer SHIYA from a former rival band and brought in the charismatic vocalist RYUICHI to start afresh as LUNA SEA.
" Each one of us bad different preferences in music even from the start and on top of that these preferences varied throughout the years," said INORAN.
Press Conference" It's only when we made music that we found [ the differences ] produced some sort of umpredictable chemistry."
The chemistry wa there, but their heavy make-up had managed to scare off most of the punters.
The change to a cleaner, more down-to-earth look seemed ineviteable in 1994 as the release of their breakthrough singles Rosier and True Blue lifted them on to the airwaves and national TV, earning them critical acclaim and, finally, far bank accounts.

Since then the lads have wisely stayed away from black mascara, silver eye-shadow and blood-red lipstick, opting instead for the widely accepted " cool " look - with chic style consultants and stylists meticulously tending to their hair, outfits and accessories wherever they go.
This change of look conveniently climaxed at the recent release of their latest cut SHINE, which added another Number One album under their belt.
Press ConferenceThis newest sucess can be attributed to a one-year well-earned break in 1997, after churning out best-selling albums MOTHER and STYLE and touring incessantly for several years.
During this long vacation, the musicians tackled various individual projects, and when reunited ealy last year, LUNA SEA had some new shots in the arm.
" The individualities [ of the five members ] seem to be even more prominent after the break,"said SUGIZO.
It is customary to talk about LUNA SEA and X JAPAN in the same breath, with the latter the pioneers and epitome of Japanese visual rock. However, the differences are hard to overlook.
Musically, LUNA SEA are mocu softer on arrangement, less dependent on mawkish love ballads and  more approachable for fans and the media.
It is hard to pin down the music of LUNA SEA, though. It rests between pop rock with a unique arrangement that pervades a mysterious yet uplifting aura and mellow rock that falunts melodic riffs but downplays choruses.
And it looks like such eclecticism, along with its waterd-down visual rock manifestation, will be taking a stronger hold in Asia, at least in the three cities touched by LUNA SEA.
Press Conference13.11.1999

Today is SHINYA's birthday, LUNA SEA have booked a room on the 8th floor of the hotel to have a party! They have 3 big table to have the party...I think all the officers have attended the party! One of the officer dress up like hide.


Hong Kong Live 14.1.1999

This is a special day for all the J rock fans in Hong Kong!
Popular J rock band in Japan - LUNA SEA had come to Hong Kong to have their live here!
I have also gone to the live but my seat is not in the 1st roll. But I am really happy to attend their live......unforgettable.....I will never forget what I have done and seen that night. They promised that they will come back to Hong Kong next year to meet all their fans! I am really excited. Here is an live report on LUNA SEA's live in Hong Kong, hope all of you like it!

Today, I have gone to  the place where the live held at about 6.00 pm. But I and my friend MIKI,GINIE, mic, TOKIHIRO, CHI.....gadder in Renaissance Harbor View Hotel before the live started. The live started at about 8.30 pm. originally, the live should started at about  8.30pm. But there is only a few audience in the stadium. I Hong Kong Livehave wait there for about 45 minutes!!!!

2. Dejavu
3. Unlikelihood
7. Providence
Drum Solo
Bass Solo
1. I For You

8.30 pm
( under constructions )

Hong Kong Live Here is the live photos of LUNA SEA's Live in Hong Kong.

Ryuichi and J
Inoran and J

Hong Kong Live15.1.1999

Today, LUNA SEA wil leave Hong Kong and go to Shanghai to continue with their asian tour. I have went to the hotel to meet them at about 8.00am. Ginie, Iona, Mic, Kathy, AJ also went there with me!
We were sitting on the sofa in the hotel and wait for LUNA SEA. Some of the officers are already there, and we know that LUNA SEA will leave soon. We are very excited!! Suddenly, there was a hotel officers came to our front and said to us that LUNA SEA have already left. But we think that she was telling lies, so we did not left and stay there. Iona and I thought that there will be a special exit for them to leave, so we went to a staircase. There was a man stood there. We have ask he
plane.JPG (31124 bytes)is there any exits can go to the carpark without passing through the lobby, then the man reply ' there is a escalator over there, you can take it and go to the carpark. ' So we know that they wil leave the hotel by that exit. So we quickly went to the carpark and wait there! Is there!!!there!!!!there is 2 cars parking in front of the exit!!!!!!!!after a few minutes...LUNA SEA, LUNA SEA was there!!The first one come out from the exit is J , following by INORAN and RYUICHI. J smile to us and say " bye bye " to us after we screamed his name! He is really a nice person. RYUICHI and INORAN didn't reply us and they both went into the car quickly. Last, SHINYA and SUGIZO went out!!!! SUGIZO and SHINYA both smile to us!!! And then went into the car. We followed the car........but still can't see one of them open the window....Last, SUGIZO, my favourite, he take off the paper that cover the window and opened the window !!!!!He gave the paper to us and SHINYA, SUGIZO both smile and waving hands with us!!! We were really excitded and happy!!!!When their car is almost go to the main road, SHINYA turn round and waving hands with us until we can't see them..........we are really happy!!!!!Oh..SHINYA...why are you so nice??

Special Thanks to FIRE PAGE and AJ.
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