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Plastic Tree

Ryutaro Ryutaro 龍太郎
on Vocal

real name: 有村 太郎
birth: 1973.3.6
birth place: 千葉
blood type: AB
height: 173cm
Akira Akira
on Guitar

real name: 中山 明
birth: 1971.1.16
birth place: 北海道
blood type: A
height: 170cm
Tadashi Tadashi
on Bass

real name: 長谷 川正
birth: 1970.11.16
birth place: 千葉
blood type: O
height: ??
Takashi Takashi
on Drums

real name: 大正 谷隆
birth: 1972.1.15
birth place:
blood type: B
height: 169cm

Plastic Tree is formed in 1993.DECEMBER by Ryutaro ( Vo ) and Tadashi ( B ) . In 1994.MARCH,  Akira ( G ) and Koji ( Dr ) join the band. In 1994 September, Koji left, Shin ( Dr ) became the member of   Plastic Tree in 1993 October when they held their live in CLUB GIO. Their 1st DEMO Tape " ACID VISION NEUROSIS ( 500 copies ) was released in 1993,December,31.
1996.MAY,19, Shin ( Dr ) left. June 7, Takashi ( Dr ) joined.